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TV Today, Tony Downes and 'Letters Home' teaser

Wed 22 Sep 2010   |   Comments: 13

Be sure to watch the ITV news today (22nd September 2010) to see a moving piece on The Soldiers in regards to their track 'Letters Home'. The piece will broadcast at lunchtime, 6pm and evening news.

Taken from their forthcoming album of the same title, 'Letters Home' is a track dedicated to Tony Downes - a guardsman killed whilst in active service. Read all of the information here on The Sun's website.

Visit The Soldiers facebook page to view a sixty second teaser of 'Letters Home' - youtube link coming soon!



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    11.Dec.2010 04:59

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  • Moi
    07.Nov.2010 00:48

    You guys, I love the homo-erotic imagery you use to market your songs. It shows such tolerance that homo-eroticism is not shunned in the modern army.

  • judi
    06.Nov.2010 18:50

    hi guys great album look forward to seeing you live next year we are so proud of what you do , heres to many more albums , be safe and god speed love judi

  • tigger15
    05.Nov.2010 23:10

    Hi Guys, Just played you new CD made me cry again, you make us so proud all of you, keep safe love sam xxxxx

  • Poppy
    27.Oct.2010 16:07

    Well what can I say, another fantastic album remembering all those that have fallen before us and those that are serving. We owe our lives to so many of you, thank you does not seem enough. Best wishes an Army Wife x x x

  • billysue15
    27.Oct.2010 10:06

    Well done lads another great album, a great tribute to all fallen R.I.P and serving soldiers. Can't wait to see the DVD The Soldiers Live, its on order. Good Luck and take care xxx

  • teresa
    25.Oct.2010 19:17

    i have your new cd worth waiting for well done lads letters home what a nice tribute well done xx

  • elvis
    22.Oct.2010 14:48

    can not wait till next week to get the album to go with the other one i shall play it with pride well done guys may god watch over every step you take and to the others

  • sexybobo5
    23.Sep.2010 12:46

    i live near the pub his mum and dad own and see the giant pic of him every time i pass on the out side wall of the pub this is a very touching sad song and a great tribute to him and all the soldiers that have fallen you do such a Great job guys can't wait for this album to go with your first one i bought keep your good work up guys xx

  • rorwin
    22.Sep.2010 21:03

    What a beautiful idea. I recently lost my mum suddenly & she came to me in a dream yesterday morning, I was very upset. She played me a song, which calmed & soothed me as I awoke. Today I recognised the song as this. I had never heard this song before until now. I am utterly amazed & now realise that our loved ones don't die, but move on to another place in another form. I believe now that she is still with me & this has helped me with my grief. I hope it helps others in the same way. Thank you & God bless Tony for those beautiful words. R. x

  • atmartin07
    22.Sep.2010 19:40

    A hit all the way and a fitting tribute............. RIP AND NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

  • mandybass
    22.Sep.2010 18:55

    what a beautiful song, a wonderful tribute xx

  • AmyT
    22.Sep.2010 14:03

    My goodness what a wonderful idea and beautifully sung song. But...What a waste. RIP, Tony xx

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